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Microblading and Micropigmentation



Microblading is a well-known technique for achieving the perfect eyebrow for the shape of your face, correcting your existing structure, filling in any gaps or even completely rebuilding your eyebrows with total precision. Microblading enhances the expressiveness of your look whilst retaining your natural air.
The effect is applied using a TEBORI and the pigments are chosen to match your natural hair colour. The result is realistic-looking eyebrows, drawn one stroke at a time, that follow the natural lines of your face and give you that harmoniously sensual look.
Our PhiAcademy pigments are of the highest quality, completely safe and hypoallergenic. They have been laboratory tested and we guarantee the colour won’t fade.



Micropigmentation is used to implant (inorganic and natural) pigments into your skin. This sophisticated technique involves using a Dermograph to micro-inject pigments into the epidermis and dermis.
The result is a labial contour or filling that looks entirely natural and highlights your mouth’s profile but keeps your natural harmony and balance in place. Your look can be further enhanced by permanent eyeliner, which adds a more expressive and sensual touch.

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