Welcome to the Maria Luiza Beauty Centre,

where beauty is an art form

“Beauty is the agreement between content and form – Henrik Ibsen
Our mission at the Maria Luiza Beauty Centre is to bring out your inner beauty

Two sisters, Mara Berwig and Jacimara Berwig, set up the Maria Luiza Beauty Centre, because they wanted to create a space in which cutting-edge beauty services for the body and face would be more easily accessible. The centre pays tribute both to beauty itself and to the founders’ mother (Maria) and grandmother (Luiza), whose exemplary drive and dedication personify the brand.

The Maria Luiza Beauty Centre is staffed by specialists who trained at leading international academies. We employ the latest innovations in equipment and procedures, to ensure we stay abreast of current trends and can make the most of the best that the art of beauty has to offer.

Come and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

Jacimara Berwig


For most of her professional career, Jacimara Berwig has been involved in the fashion industry. She set up a textile production company, which she then managed for ten years. At the same time, she took some of the first make-up courses to be run in Brazil. In 2010, Jacimara switched to working full time on the art of beauty. She took international academy courses to specialise in Microblading and Micropigmentation. She is known for the perfection of her face detailing work and is currently a PhiAcademy accredited Phibrows Artist

Mara Berwig


Mara’s search for the beauty ideal and her appreciation of bodily perfection means she is continuously seeking to expand the horizons of her extensive massage expertise. Her research led her to Renata França, a leading Brazilian specialist in the art of body shaping. Mara makes full use of her training at the Renata França Academy in São Paulo to give the body new forms, with appreciable results that are evident after the very first session.